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Advocacy and support for families of detainees

Advocacy and support for families of detainees

Support for ex-offenders and people on community-based orders

Support for ex-offenders and people on community-based orders

Community Capacity Building Workshops

Community Capacity Building Workshops

Welcome to Tjillari Justice

Tjillari Justice Aboriginal Corporation provides a range of support services, case management and programs to address the toxic stress and trauma that children and families experience when they have a parent involved in the justice system. The service uses a Family Justice Model, which builds on and draw out the strengths of families and community to manage issues associated with incarceration and, hopefully, to break the cycle of reoffending and recidivism.

Small Seeds Program

Sat Mar 2020

Helps to support incarcerated offenders to read to their children and encourages early childhood literacy...

'Surviving Out Side'

Sat Mar 2020

A holistic and responsive life-skills based program which is underpinned by Aboriginal and Torres Strait...

Galambany Circle

Sat Mar 2020

Providing support to people appearing before the Galambany Circle Sentencing Court.

Vision and Aims

That all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the criminal justice system live free from violence and discrimination, benefit from adequate living standards, are treated with dignity and respect and are empowered to secure and preserve their individual rights.


Develop and deliver programs that empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to take control of their own lives through addressing their immediate needs


Reduce the recidivism rate of imprisoned Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people by engaging families and community in a family justice model of service delivery.


Develop longer terms and stable support mechanisms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in general.


Educate the community, families and Government agencies on the impact that parental involvement with the justice system has on children

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Workshop and Training Room Facilities

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